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GST Registration Amendment

If the nature of the business changes or the registration is cancelled, the GST registration must be amended. We will help you fulfil all the formalities regarding the GST modification and amendment of GST registration.

Apply GST Amendment

Documents Required for GST Registration Amendment

1. Name of business – Proof

2. Address of the principal place of business – Address Proof

3. Additional place of business- Address Proof

4. Director Changes- DIN etc.

5. Mobile number or e-mail address of the authorized signatory





PROFESSIONAL FEES:- Rs 499/- Onwards

About GST Modification

Who can get GST modification?

Anyone whose GST application is being processed or whose business is already GST registered.

What all can be changed?

Details such as the name and location of the business, the addition or deletion of partners or directors, and the contact information of the authorised signatory.

Voluntary modification

Name and address of the business, addition or deletion of partners or directors, and contact information for the authorised signatory are all examples of details.

Other changes

If any other details need to be changed besides the aforementioned, GST will be modified by only filing GST REG 14.

Change in the Company Name

If the name of the business firm or the company changes, it should be immediately updated with GST modification.

Can PAN Be changed?

No. If a business firm's PAN changes, it can be updated with a new GST registration.

Benefits of amendments in GST registration

Under the GST rule, GST registration appears to be the primary and necessary step for current taxpayers. This is because they will not be able to obtain a GSTIN number unless they register for GST, which is set as a taxpayer's basic identification number. If you fill out the registration form correctly, you should be good to go. But what if you entered incorrect information or skipped some important fields that you needed to complete? That is why there is another option for you - changing your GST registration.

The types of Amendments in GST

Core fields (Approval Required):-

Name of the Business (Legal Name) if there is no change in PAN

Addition / Deletion of Stakeholders

Principal Place of Business (other than a change in State)

Additional Place of Business (other than a change in State)

Non-Core fields (No Approval Required):-

All the other fields of registration application except the following:

• Legal name of the business,

• Addition/ deletion of stakeholder details

• Principal place of business

• Additional place of business.

Note: Application for Amendment of Registration cannot be filed when there is a change in PAN, Constitution of Business resulting in the change of PAN, and Place of Business from one State to other


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